Azteca Neighborhood III


1. Azteca Project by Josefina Castillo w/Interview transcript (Interview tape not for download online)
2. “El Azteca Project” by Cristina Rivera
3. “La Azteca Project” by Israel Santillan
4. La Azteca Project by Araceli I. Martinez


1. Azteca Project by Josefina Castillo w/Interview transcript (Interview tape not for download online)
2. “El Azteca Project” by Cristina Rivera
3. “La Azteca Project” by Israel Santillan
4. La Azteca Project by Araceli I. Martinez
5. The Azteca/Rachero Neighborhood
6. The Azteca/Ranchero Neighborhoods by the WCHF
7. “Former Employees Remember El Teatro Azteca” by Laredo Morning Times Oct. 4, 1993
8. Develan placa estatal historica de El Azteca by El Manana August 21, 1999
9. “The Resurrection Project” by Viviana Frank:Frank Rotnofsky
10. A Washington Nuevo estudio de Barrio – September 11, 1991 LMT
11. Letter to Mr. Graeber from Betsy Gill (WCHF) – May 1, 1993
12. “Lazteca” Mural Project by LMT Sunday, July 28, 1991
13. Note regarding La Azteca from Saturday, May 8
14. “Torrese honored by union” by LMT
15. “Old Azteca to house new apartments” by LMT April 10 1996
16. Notes to Dr. and Mrs. Juarez regarding meetings at La Posada on Barrio Azteca
a. October 30, 2000
b. April 28, 2000
17. Azteca Park Photos 11/93
18. Venacular House at Matamoros and San Enrique description and photos
19. “Chamber tackles gridlock woes” highlighting preserving Azteca area
20. “Azteca Neighborhood nets grant” LMT May 20 1993 p.2A
21. “Architect theme for preservation week” LMT pg. 5C April 22, 1993
22. “Noted preservation consultant works on El Azteca study” from LareDOS August 1996 pg. 66
23. “Historian at work on El Azteca” from LMT May 14, 2000
24. Photos from History Fair Azteca Neighborhood on 05/13/92
25. “AZTECA: A diamond in the rough” by LMT August 9, 1992
26. Nominating Properties to the National Register of Historic Places Flyer
27. San Antonio Historic Preservation and Urban Design Office Demolition Procedures
28. National Trust for Historic Preservation: Protecting Neighborhood Schools
29. Letter to Nora Benavides regarding Laredo Historic Schools – January 29, 2001
30. Letter to Paul Hathorn regarding comments on EIS Scoping Meeting, Laredo. 6/12/90
31. Letters to Gloria Canseco from AED&PC regarding Azteca Neighborhood
a. February 13, 1990
b. September 7, 1990
32. CHF Letters sent July 18, 1990 regarding Juarez/Lincoln Border Station Expansion to:
i. Mario Sanchez, THC (Texas Historical Comission)
ii. Mr. Curtis Tunnell, THC
iii. Mrs. Theresa Kinsey (THC)
iv. The Honorable Lloyd Bentsen (US Senate)
v. The Honorable Albert Bustamante (US Senate)
vi. The Honorable Phill Gramm (US Senate)
vii. Mrs. Libby Barker (National Trust for Historic Preservation)
viii. Representative Henry Cuellar
ix. The Honorable Judy Zaaffirini
x. Mr. Paul M. Hathorn (US Army)

33. Letter to Rafael Torres from GSA regarding Laredo Juarez Lincoln Border Station Expansion
34. Letter to Paul Hathorn from WCHF regarding Azteca Neighborhood
35. Letter to the Honorable Lloyd Bentsen from Colonel W. Brown (US Army) Regarding Gloria Canseco and EIS
36. Letter to Gloria Z. Canseco from Paul Hathorn regarding Lincoln/Juarez Border Crossing
37. Proposed Azteca Action Alternative June 1990 Map
38. Letter to Gloria Canseco from GSA March 9, 1990
39. Letter to the Honorable Judith Zaffirini from Colonel W. Brown regarding Azteca Neighborhood
40. Letter to Paul Hathorn from WCHF regarding EIS Scoping Issues and Azteca
41. Letter to Paul Hathorn from Rafael Torres RE:Written Comments on EIS Scoping Meeting, Laredo. 6/12/90
42. Letter to the Honorable Phil Gramm from Colonel W. Brown (US Army) regarding Azteca Neighborhood
43. Letter to Isabel Benavides from WCHF regarding 50 buildings selected for additional research in Azteca, January 5, 1981
44. Letter to Mr. Hathorn from THC regarding Azteca Preservation
45. Letter from Paul Hathorm regarding delayed Draft EIS
46. Displacee Rights and Benefits for Laredo Texas
47. Letter to Paul Hathorn from Gloria Canseco 65 possible National Register sites, July 18, 1990
48. El Azteca Essay
49. Email Correspondence between Nina Nixon-Mendez and Jose Roberto Juarez regarding Azteca Marker
50. Texas Historical Marker Edits for “EL AZTECA” 11/16/98
51. Letter to Nina Nixon-Mendez (THC) Regarding EL AZTECA marker with post 12/1/98
52. Official Texas Historical Marker with Post “EL BARRIO AZTECA” rev 12/29/98
53. Email Correspondence between Terri Myers and Dr. Roberto Juarez regarding El Azteca
54. Letter to Rafael Torres from the City of Laredo regarding USHUD application including Azteca
55. Proposed Enterprise Community Program from City of Laredo
56. Houses in El Azteca listed by blocks
57. Letter to Rafael Torres from Rebecca Spulveda regarding Challenge Grant
58. Fax to Becky Sepulveda from Rafael Torres regarding National Register Project
59. Letter to Alfredo Castillo (City Parks and Rec. Department) form Rafael Gutierrez regarding direction of improvements on the creek
60. Letter to Becky Sepulveda from Rafael Torres regarding moving forward on National Register Project
61. Letter to Becky Sepulveda regarding proposal to the Summerlee Foundation
62. Texas Historic Preservation Grant Program Pre-Application for Azteca Neighborhood
63. South Side Meeting Sign in Sheet for 3/3/92
64. Notes regarding Azteca II
65. List of people to interview for Azteca oral history project
66. Oral History Interview Format and Questions
67. Letter to Jose Juarez regarding Barrio Azteca reports and tapes May 27, 2005
68. Letter to Nora Benavides from Terri Myers regarding Historic Resources Survey Report for Barrio Azteca
69. Letter to Annie Sauser from Rafael Torres Regarding meeting with Killis Almond & Associates in Summer of 1994
70. Fax to Becky Sepulveda from Rafael Torres regarding possible $5,000 Challenge grant from Summerlee
71. Letter to Rafael Torres from Summerlee Foundation regarding award of 5k Challenge Grant
72. Letter to Lisha from Annnie regarding required Historical Information for NR Nomination
73. Fax from Lisha Garcia to Rafael Torres regarding word from Annie Sauser
74. Letter to Lisha from Virginia Dial regarding history of Laredo tour
75. Grant Request to The Meadows Foundation from AEDPC
76. Letter to Rafael Torres from Annie Sauser regarding National Register Nomination for Azteca
77. Fax from Rafael Torres to Lisha Garcia regarding architectural presentation on March 19, 20–.
78. Letter to Dr. Majorie L. Coppock from Rafael Torres regarding oral history collection and support for nomination
79. Letter to AEDPC from IRS regarding private foundation determination
80. “Azteca Neighborhood: Moving towards National Register Nomination” by Heritage Register


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